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Add some facility to store per-room parameters.

Plugins should be able to declare their schemas.

The IRC interface to alter the settings document in IRC should be as following:

  • Read: !set {scope}
  • Set: !set {scope} value
  • Enable or append to list : +set {scope}
  • Disable, remove or delete: -set {scope}
  • Schema/Info: ?set {scope} (If possible?)

The scope can right now only be: room or left blank (path begins with a ., representing _current context_).

Later, this interface will allow changing settings of another channel (for administrative purposes), in private message, using

This interface will also allow setting user and network and global settings later on using the scope parameter.

some examples

!set .private
+set .private
-set .private

!set room.timezone Europe/Paris
!set room.lang fr
!set room.defaultPolicy trust

In the future:

!set room.random/#.lang fr
In a DM: !set .lang fr (sets user lang)
In a room: !set .user.lang fr

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